David Jacobsen Producer with Kevin Jacobsen O.A.M
David Jacobsen Producer with Kevin Jacobsen O.A.M
Stephen Liddell recently built the new website for Australian entertainment and showbiz identity Kevin Jacobsen O.A.M.

On the strength of a brief that I gave to Stephen which was simply “it has to be a balance of show business and corporate, and Kevin likes these colors… he replied “I think I know what you want”, then Stephen came back to us with a web site look and feel that exceeded our expectations. Stephen not only captured an aesthetic look that excited us, he created an identifiable logo and color themed site with user friendly and expandable functionality that we just love. We have received so many positive comments to Kevin’s new web site that we are very proud of the site and naturally we’re telling our associates about Stephen Liddell’s creativity and his special ability to tap into what people want. Stephen really is a unique talent and his easy going nature and intuitive connection place him in a league of his own. Website

Jim Unkles CMDR
Jim Unkles CMDR Breaker Morant
Stephen has assisted me with the design of a web site, www.breakermorant.com. I use the site in relation to my work concerning the Breaker Morant case and my campaign for Crown pardons.

Stephen’s dedication and design ability is exceptional and attention to detail has resulted in a site that is very popular. I have received very positive feedback about the web site and its content. I recommend Stephen Liddelll as reputable and professional .

John Bartlett - Author
John Bartlett - Author HeartSong Creative
Stephen’s recent upgrade of my website and his encouragement has raised my own professional profile to another level. Stephen has both the technical talent to create the appropriate style and also the enduring patience to deal with my own non-technical limitations. I have found his approach to be totally professional and yet personal at the same time. I would highly recommend him to anyone thinking of having a website designed for their particular needs. www.heartsongcreative.com

Marion Renovation Runners

I have been struggling for years to do a web site for my business.  I really wanted something different & not the standard page full of words.  I tried a few people who are web designers & each said yes they heard me but when it came to the crunch we were not on the same page.  Stephen & I hit is off straight away, he listened & heard me.  I felt comfortable & relaxed & my questions were answered, changes although only small were attended to & I was treated with respect & dignity. I have had several fabulous comments of how great my web site is & how professional & structured it is.  I am proud of my work even more so because I can see it on the web as Stephen has been able to capture the essence of me & my work.  Stephen even came up with a new advertising line & other initiatives that I did not see or anticipate.  I continue to work with Stephen as the web site is growing & is now a core part of my business.  I am so thankful & pleased that Stephen was there for me & my business, I know that the work will create $$$. Website