Environment & philosophy in a novel

Controversial and provocative, pachacuti provides honest, comprehensive and sometimes humbling perspectives on the environmental and social dilemmas currently influencing global mankind.

It postulates a potential collapse of our strife-torn, technology dependent civilisation and explores the many aspects of human culture that impede our salvation. It investigates the likely mechanics of the demise, and the potential environmental and social aftermath.

Then it proposes a re-emergent society, one that may have existed today had we been endowed with the fore-knowledge of what could go wrong and the social values to prevent it.

In addition to being a pragmatic, evocative discussion of today’s values and relevant philosophies, pachacuti is also a good yarn, with tales of love and passion, high drama and tragedy and at least the prospect of a happy ending.

Written by lay philosopher and permaculturist, George F. Trembath, pachacuti is recommended reading for anyone prone to pondering the state and direction of today’s society.